“Everblue 的理念是讓您對使用在自己身體和頭髮上的東西感到信賴,尤其在這個世代,這比以往任何時候都更加重要。 這意味著從成分開始、包含觸感,製造地與品牌整體給人們的感受。 

一種現代、透明的方法 我們著手創建一個誠實透明的品牌。 這從我們如何開展業務開始,一直延伸到我們的綜合成分指數,該指數描述了我們使用的每種成分、它們的好處和功能以及 EWG 分數。 我們希望完全透明,讓您輕鬆了解您塗抹在皮膚和頭髮上的每一個元素。

完全天然,不含有害化學物質,帶有巧妙的紐西蘭主題香味 Everblue 的浴室系列(洗手乳、沐浴露、洗髮水和護髮乳),更對頭髮和皮膚的健康有益。

乾淨、冷靜、有意識。  Everblue以其環保形像在紐西蘭掀起波瀾,並獲得了客戶的好評。


我們的瓶子由回收塑料製成,並且 100% 可回收。 它們採用絲網印刷以減少浪費。 我們不使用任何塑料標籤。

我們還推出了 800 毫升洗手乳補充裝。 這些小袋最多可減少 80% 的塑料用量,我們希望很快為您推出更多補充裝選擇。

我們是 PETA 認證的素食主義者和無殘忍行為。 我們絕不會在動物身上測試或使用任何測試原料成分。

我們也是一家多元化且機會均等的紐西蘭公司。 我們的品牌由女性領導和設計,我們承諾營造靈活、協作的工作環境。

Woman sitting in a bathtub taking a bubble bath by a window

《Everblue》Natural and transparent skin + hair + earth care
The Everblue philosophy is all about feeling good about what you use on your body and hair and in turn making you feel good about yourself. In current times, this is more important than ever.

Everblue set out to create a brand that is honest and transparent, and this flows right through to its comprehensive Ingredient Index, which profiles every ingredient, their benefits and functions and EWG score. “We wanted to be completely open and make it easy for you to be ‘in the know’ on every element you use on your skin and hair.”
This means feeling good about the ingredients, how they make you feel, where they are made and about the company which makes the products. It is everything you want in a natural premium shampoo and conditioner. At a great price!

Completely natural, no harmful chemicals, with ingenious New Zealand themed fragrances, Everblue’s Bathroom range (Handwash, Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner) not only look great in your bathroom, but are also amazing for your hair and skin.

Clean, calm and conscious, Everblue is making waves in New Zealand with its environmentally friendly image – and it has had great feedback from customers.


“Our commitment to sustainability means designing with the planet in mind.”
Everblue bottles are made with recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. They are screen-printed to reduce waste. They don’t use any plastic labels; they use plastic-free, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified and 100% recyclable packaging for the hand and body bars and hair care bars.

They have also launched 800ml refills of the hand wash. These pouches use up to 80% less plastic and they hope to launch more refill options for you soon.
Everblue: “We are proud to support New Zealand and the trailblazing beauty innovations happening right here on our beautiful shores. All our products are made just a stone’s throw from our HQ in Auckland. We’ve looked to design our supply chain as efficiently as possible and will consistently be working with our retail partners to minimise emissions.

“We are PETA-certified, vegan and cruelty-free. We would never test on animals or source ingredients that are tested on animals. 
“We also pride ourselves on being a diverse and equal opportunity New Zealand-owned company. Our brand is led and designed by women and we have made commitments to a work environment that is flexible, collaborative and puts the health and wellness of our team first.”

Portrait of a women in nature